Clucking Around at Atherton Market

Written by  Lynn Caldwell
Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds

Nick and Trish Vevurka have something to share with you. In fact they have lots to share. When they pledged their love to each other six years ago they also pledged to do what they love—making things with their hands, especially their food. They are two of a growing number of homesteading enthusiasts who have a little bit of land, a growing arsenal of knowledge, and a big desire to feed themselves and educate others.

Nick started out brewing beer, and Trish has always had a passion for real and local food. Along the way they've learned how to preserve food, bake bread, make cheese (hard!), and raise backyard chickens for eggs on their urban homestead farm. They've learned the value of high-quality tools to get the job done, and they were surprised how difficult American-made kitchen equipment and utensils are to find.

Our flock

During a trip to Portland, the Vevurkas happened on a store called Homestead Supply, and recognized their dream in action. That vision is now becoming a reality as they open Cluck Around at the Atherton Market.

"Cluck Around" is a light-hearted brand that Nick and Trish hope will stick with customers long after their first visit, to keep them coming back for more ideas, conversations, and tools to become more self-sufficient.

What will you find at Cluck Around? First of all, a familiar face: Trish has been working part-time for several of the vendors at the Atherton Market for the last two years. She can introduce you to ceramics from Emerson Creek Pottery near where she grew up (including bread cloches and apple bakers) and the whole wheat bread flour she is sourcing from a mill here in North Carolina. You'll find cheese cultures, and information on how to use them. You can get ceramic pet bowls and all kinds of things for your backyard chickens, including non-GMO, soy-free, organic feed.

Handmade Dog Bowls

Trish boasts of the hand-crafted utensils made out of hard maple that she's found, destined to survive as family heirlooms despite our increasing addiction to the disposable. Nick will be hand-crafting wooden items of his own to add to their inventory.

Hand-Carved Maple Cooking Utensils

Cluck Around will also carry cast-iron cookware by Lodge, a fourth-generation family producer focused on sustainability and durability. In addition, they will have seasonal items that compliment what the farmers are harvesting. They'll have lots of handouts, books to peruse, and a wider variety of inventory as they grow and learn what customers are looking to source. Trish expects that she'll learn as much as she teaches as they talk to other enthusiasts, begin to offer classes and work with kids on field trips. She has a particular passion around connecting kids to their food.

Chicken Granola

When asked about what the Vevurkas hope to achieve most, Trish thoughtfully said that she wants their customers to learn to appreciate the art of making food and kitchen wares, so that they'll appreciate the cost and the craft of producing real food. (Also, they want everyone to have chickens!) And they won't be doing anything for you. The Vevurkas wants you to learn to do it yourself, and then pass it on.



  • Comment Link Toni Cotler Friday, 12 October 2012 01:32 posted by Toni Cotler

    Love, love, LOVE! "Cluck Around"!! Need two more cast iron pieces. 3 wooden utensils, and some info on making a chicken coop. Will check with HOA board first. More afraid Tasha will not dig, and/or fox will scent them out. I do live in da woods.

  • Comment Link Mark Reck Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:57 posted by Mark Reck

    Congratulations guys. Hope to be seeing everyone in January.

  • Comment Link Allan Schlick Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:51 posted by Allan Schlick

    Congratulations on your new endeavor. I will be stopping by in the near future.

  • Comment Link Tricia Vevurka Thursday, 11 October 2012 12:14 posted by Tricia Vevurka

    Hi Terence, come out and see us at Atherton Market, 2104 South Boulevard. We have lots of feed!

  • Comment Link Terence Kendrick Tuesday, 09 October 2012 16:30 posted by Terence Kendrick

    Where can one purchase this chicken feed?

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